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The Human Condition

I am going to take a bit of break and instead talk about the bigger picture.

Humans. The product of millions of years of evolution; the surviving descendants of several extinction events. We have come from a long line of ancestors that knew nothing more than war and famine. Here we are today. There are new problems, new challenges, and new trials that we go through.

In the last thirty years, we have worked hard to instill a sense of equality. We have done a lot to shed light on the problems that the non-status-quo face. It is becoming easier to be honest with who and what you are. Some parts of the world have more work to do than the others, but progress has been made. Progress is a great thing. It is another source of hope. Hope that we will one day stop quarreling over trivial things – the colour of your skin, your sexual preference, your religious beliefs, etc.

If you are against LGBTQ rights, concerns that people of colour face, and acceptance of alternative spiritual/religious beliefs, I hope that one day you realize that there is nothing to fear. We are all the same. In the end of the day, the details don’t matter. They never did.

It’s like saying that you hate someone for having a certain blood type.
Type O blood? That’s just wrong! No blood type should be a universal donor! I don’t care if my friend is bleeding out on the table and urgently needs blood. I am against it! 

See, it’s silly. Like blood types, the other aspects cannot be helped. It’s a part of someone’s identity. Who are we to deny the identity of another human being?

Every single person that walks the earth has their own struggle. Their own history. Their own insecurities and fears.

So, before you learn about your place in your religion, your community, your side of the debate, learn what it is to be human. We no longer need to worry about survival of the fittest. In today’s world, we have tools and medicine and technology that does this for us. Instead, we need to be able to work together. Think not only of what is good for ourselves, but for society as a whole. For humanity.

Believe me, we are getting there.

Ignore the toxic few. Their lessons are yet to come.

All I ask is that you offer kindness. Because you never know who needs it the most.

For those of you who are ostracized for being who you are, stay strong. Know that you are loved. Know that one day, this too shall pass.

I apologize for my ramblings. This just needed to be said.

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